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Crouching is ready to spring into natural: Yes, they managed to make fucking carrots desirable. Individual reactions vary to evetthorpe may punishments like these or CP. Crouching is ready to spring into action: Yes, they became to make fucking carrots desirable. The last time I heard of its use was in the up in India.

British army olive green OG lightweight trousers are particularly effective at increasing the pain from CP when stretched tight across the buttocks. Wetting the material immediately prior to CP further increases the effectiveness of the punishment. These "tricks" can make CP received in What star sign is june 2nd more painful than CP received bare. As these have been unofficial punishments regulations do not exist so there is much local variation. Search and Inspection positions These positions aim to expose the prisoner to allow full body searches; sudden moves or resistance are exposed and thus discouraged.

Maintaining the hands above the head or shoulders soon leads to fatigue. The classic "X" spread-eagle search position standing vertical against a wall can be aggravated by o requiring the detainee to maintain contact with the wall by nose, knees and toes o ordering the prisoner to step back from the wall, leaning against the wall at an angle of 60 or so degrees and deliberately denying contact with the wall except by the hands - or, worse, fingertips which now must support some body weight. Hands and feet on the ground, bum in the air. Hands, knees and feet on the Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe. These positions become stress positions if they are maintained for extended periods.

My personal experience is limited to being detained for an hour or so in the spread-eagle position. Spread-eagle and tiptoe are frequently recommended as prisoner holding positions prior to interrogation; with the addition of a blindfold or hood, the prisoner can become confused and disorientated. Endured by all servicemen, loved by few, detested by most, equally admired and misunderstood by civilians The following basic definitions are classics of British Army prose. A Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe of the National Service era was to be detained until the defaulter was able to recite these definitions word-perfect. The descriptions begin with the word of caution followed by the word of command.

Heels together and in line. Feet turned out at an angle of about 30 degrees. Body erect, and carried evenly over the thighs, with the shoulders which should be level and square to the front down and moderately back; this should bring the chest to its natural 21 forward position without any straining or stiffening. Arms hanging down from the shoulders as straight as the natural bend of the arm Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe allow. Hands closed but not clenched. Backs of the fingers touching the thigh lightly, thumb to the front and close to the forefinger, thumb immediately behind the seam of the trousers. Head balanced evenly on the neck and not poked forward, eyes looking their own height and straight into the front.

The weight of the body should be balanced on both feet and evenly balanced between the forepart of the feet Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe the heels. The breathing must not in any way be restricted, and no part of the body should be either drawn in or pushed out. The position is one of readiness or expectation of the word of command and is that adopted when addressing, or being addressed by, a superior officer. At the same time carry the hands behind the back and place the back of the right hand in the palm of the left, grasping it lightly with the finger and thumb, and allowing the arms to hang at their full Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe. Slouching attitudes are not to be permitted.

If either foot is moved men are inclined to lose their dressing. On the Nude pic of katrina kaif Squad, Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe. These are positions with no purpose except the harassment of recruits by their seniors. The position of SIT-OUT requires the junior recruit to sit against Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe wall with his body trunk vertical, thighs horizontal and lower legs vertical. The arms may be required to be held out horizontal to the front carrying a rifle.

As fatigue sets in, movement is an opportunity for shouting verbal Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe at the recruit or humiliating him such as requiring him to sing the wash list. Hazing in the US Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe academies went much further than fagging, which meant the allocation to the plebe class - juniors - of necessary menial duties such as fetching food, collecting washing, opening windows and winding clocks. Hazing was forbidden by law of the US Congress in Nonetheless black eyes and bruises persisted among the highly-strung recruits in the military academies.

Medical Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe Positions Doctors and nursing staff often require access to a patient's body for an examination or treatment. Sometimes rectal examinations are carried out with the patient lying on his left side, and crouched in the foetal position. Anthropological slave positions Historical slavery in Africa under colonial rule produced many subtleties of behaviour in inhuman conditions. Illustrations in anthropological texts include examples of slave posture with standing with head always bowed, the eyes always downwards, through to permitted positions of sitting.

Among Soninke in Sudan only the chief was allowed to sit cross-legged, other noblemen had to sit with at least one leg extended. Slaves were not permitted to sit cross-legged; if permitted to sit on the ground, both the slave's legs must be folded rearwards. Saves of lower grade were never allowed to sit but only 23 allowed to kneel with one knee on the ground, the other folded rearwards, the head and eyes always lowered submissively. SM slave positions 1. Slave stands naked with legs wide apart, Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe straight, stomach pulled in, chest pushed out, head bowed, hands clasped behind the neck. Slave stands naked, rigid and straight, belly in, chest out, Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe together, feet turned out at an Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe of 30 degrees, arms at sides, hands held with palms pressed to sides and fingers extended and pressed together, head held high.

As for "Attention", but with legs apart, body relaxed and hands clasped behind back. Slave kneels naked with forehead pressed to the ground, legs wide apart, backside raised high in the air, back straight and hands if free reaching back to clasp Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe open the buttocks and expose the anus and genitals to the Master. Slave kneels naked, legs well apart and sits back on the ankles with head tilted back and hands clasped behind the neck, mouth open, ready to receive the stream. Slave kneels naked before the Master, legs wide apart, hips thrust forward, head up, with left hand behind the back and left forefinger rammed up the anus and right hand used to masturbate; mouth open and eyes fixed on the Master's face.

Punitive Medicine Qualified modern clinicians would probably either deny the concept of punitive medicine as being contrary to the basic professional creed as embodied in the Hippocratic Oath or else decry it as non-existent in modern Western medical clinical practice. However there are still substantial remnants of the concept which have either passed to areas not generally thought of as medical or else continue but are unrecognised by the medical profession a punitive medicine or are justified by overriding concepts such as public health or the best interests of the patient.

Punitive medicine is where the impact on the patient of the generally accepted treatment has significant aspects of punishment or retribution. Some investigations and many medical treatments are at best unpleasant or humiliating and many are downright painful. The context of the procedure is also important: There are also associations of guilt. The expectation of the patient by clinicians is a degree of subjugation and contrition by the patient. Medics are not generally expecting a sexual response, for the patient to "get off" on the humiliation aspects of the procedures and treatments they prescribe any more than in more brutal times the award of a sentence of corporal punishment would have been expected to arouse a sexual response in the prisoner.

But a sexual response to the clinical situation is unlikely to change the medical outcome so I see no moral or practical inhibition to enjoying treatments if we can. There's no difference between getting off on sore buttocks from a jab or sore buttocks from a caning. This is for information only and not recommendations for treatments; for real ailments, see a real doctor. Procedure Intimate examination Fasting cholesterol blood test Enema Dental repair work: Shaved genital or perianal hair prior to an examination or as part of treatment for lice etc. Anal penetration including sigmoidoscopy and inflation of the rectum and lower colon Gonorrhoea, chlamydia Instructed to abstain from alcohol whilst on course of and other sexually antibiotics.

Discomfort and humiliation effect are similar to caning. Some prescription drugs have side effects which can be pleasurable, e. Prison technology has moved on since ball and chain. The ties that bind extend reality into cyberspace. Who wants to become a plantation slave when you can aspire to become in sci-fi reality a drone or droid? Orwell's Big Brother was too uptight to admit he was into into cum control too, and none of the UK reality TV shows have gone that explicit yet, but if total control is erotic in one technology then it is in another. There are a whole number of systems which are coming on stream now which record our actions and which can be used to track and report.

The interest in in repurposing these for erotic control purposes and to arrange for slaves or should that be droids? Legacy SM technology is derived from the fetters and locks of prisons and chain gangs so it is no surprise that modern deviant control techniques are also readily adaptable for BDSM. And a surprising number of modern employee management tools also need only slight adaptation: Prisoner control hardware is also available but imperfect in these applications: In this application, software control is actually more reliable, highly developed and better adapted for the purpose. Working from home - teleworking - enables some of these BDSM activities to continue through the working day.

Some designers and authors do their best work fully-naked. It's a small step to a full-time leather slave harness or a fourway hands and feet steel chain set. It may well be that the tekkie responding to your online technical support request is naked, chastity-controlled and in physical restraint; or maybe he's just in economic slavery and has some strong fantasies. As always with tech support - please be nice to him! Or a telephone call centre call handler, working from home. These outfits are run on fear: Punishment duty is being assigned the shift when the rude stroppy callers call in most Distillation of fetish turnon to its screen representation distances the humanity.

The yearning initially enhances but gradually diminishes the human sexuality. Use it for real or loose it. Cybersex is not a long term substitute for real boot-in-face man-to-man master to slave encounters. Roman Emperors threw their worthless slaves to the lions as entertainment. Any one of the following methods used singly is a powerful technique. Use in combination may cause potentially dangerous psychological disturbance. Use at your own risk. Keep a grasp on reality. Picture phones make this control even closer and make "cheating" more difficult. Widespread adoption of photo messaging like texting is now will be another step closer to Total Control.

The impersonal communication mode encourages opening up and probes deeper. Using personal organiser and desktop productivity tools to aggressively manage slaves: Tagging and tracking by GPS or mobile-phone cell technology Punishment self-applied and monitored by webcam, digital stills camera etc. Food supplements issued to maintain balanced diet without gastronomic pleasure Food consumption recorded, analysed and monitored for calorie and nutrition content Caffeine-induced performance enhancement and mood control Fitness training: Masturbation and cum control: Slave prohibited or prevented from genital self-touch Skin touch denial: Family and job commitments come first.

No drugs, tricks, or force are used to obtain its full co-operation! When practical, it is nude especially when on the web. I will decide how and when it will ejaculate. Deliberate ejaculation is punishable. Communicate daily by web. I will never put My slave in mortal danger. Brainwashing, attitude adjustment Many organisations now run induction programmes that attempt to instil a new set of values in recruits. These are mostly following the authoritarian basic training routines established by the military boot camps, taken up by the religious sects or the other way around!

Skinhead camp programs are also being used to attempt to correct deviant and criminal behaviour. The skinhead principle is to take a group of people away from normal life and to return them to productive life with specific values and culture. Brainwashing was an extreme version notorious in the twentieth century Cold War, clearly a human rights violation. Religious movements also uses brainwashing as many the Scientology Church and Opus Dei, Jehovah Witness, the Evangelical fundamentalists, and many others as India guru communities. Six creepy everyday brainwashing techniques The world is full of shady self-help gurus and workplace seminars telling us how we can turn our lives around just by using the right words "Don't say the cheese is 'spoiled' -- say it's 'aged'!

But here's the thing: The human brain is an odd, glitchy machine that is influenced in all sorts of weird ways you never thought of. This is why politicians and salespeople can trick you into going along with them, just by toying with the words they use. Science is just now catching up to them, and has found that Say it enough, and people will believe it. For example, how many of you think Al Gore claims to have invented the Internet? He said no such thing -- but pundits and comedians repeated it enough that it became truth. It's the same reason anti-vaccination zealots stick to their guns, even while they cause diseases to spread like wildfire.

They "heard" vaccines were dangerous, and 31 that's literally all it takes -- hearing it over and over. It's just the way human social behaviour works -- if a message is repeated enough times, others will begin to accept it as a commonly held belief in the group. In fact, studies have found that if just one person repeats the same opinion three times, it has a whopping 90 percent chance of converting three different people in the group to have the same opinion. Holy shit, that's how both politics and conspiracy theories work, isn't it? Researchers at the University of Michigan have come to call the phenomenon memory distortion, and it's basically a brain glitch where the interplay of repetition and assumption makes us from our beliefs around whatever opinion is the most familiar to us.

But what makes it so treacherous is the fact that all it takes to sway people's beliefs is one crazy person. Hell, it doesn't even work all that well with multiple people: A study on the phenomenon exposed one group to an opinion repeated by three different people, another to that same opinion repeated by one person multiple times. Incredibly, the group subjected to one single guy repeating the opinion was three times more susceptible to changing their own opinions than the others. Even when we actively register that it's just one person spouting bullshit, we're still likely to believe it.

In other words, people who are obsessive or dickish enough to keep repeating a wrong idea have a natural advantage in human society, and probably always have. Yeah, that whole "Hitler" thing is starting to make a lot more sense, right? Imitating People Makes Them Give You Things If you work in a profession where tips make up a significant portion of your income, it's crucial that your customers see you as a pleasant enough person to, well, tip. It's good luck, then, that it's entirely possible to use a simple "repeated words" trick to sway people in your favour, to the point where they're way more likely to give you money.

All you need to do is repeat the last few words they said well, that, and generally behave in a not-kicking-them-in-the-junk-because-they-asked-formore-bread-sticks manner, but we're hoping that kind of goes without saying. And it's actually part of a broader set of techniques that every politician and con 32 artist knows: You can bring people to your side -- and get them to do things for you -- just by imitating them. It comes up in study after study -- the power of mimicry in social situations. Humans are social animals, and we all have a switch that flips in our brain that says, "This person is like me, therefore I should help them.

That's right, it doesn't even have to be verbal -- in another experiment cited in the link above, if the researcher mimicked the posture and body language of the subject, the subject was three times as likely to help him pick up a box of pens he'd dropped. So in the Dutch study mentioned above that explored the relationship between mimicry and generous tips, they first went into a restaurant and calculated an average tip, then told the server to repeat what half of her customers said after ordering, exactly as they said it.

With the other half, she would simply say what servers normally say "We'll get that right out! The tips from mimicked customers were a whopping 68 percent more generous than those from the non-mimicked ones. Regardless of factors like the accuracy of the order and wait time, just hearing their words repeated back to them put them in a more positive, giving state of mind. Of course, there's presumably a limit to how much you should mimic a person. You can test it by following people around the office, parroting their every sentence, and log how much time passes before they finally turn around and stab you. Resist Temptation by Saying "Don't" Instead of "Can't" One reason why successful dieting is borderline impossible is because there is a complicated psychology behind cravings that science barely understands.

For example, one study found that, bizarrely, you can screw up somebody's diet just by telling them obesity is a disease. So for example, when you have a friend who's dieting, you can usually judge how successful they'll be based on a single word. When shown a doughnut or a deep-fried stick of butter, do they say, "I can't eat that? What they should have said was "I don't eat that. Researchers did a study where participants were asked to respond with either statement when asked to consider whether they would like an unhealthy snack.

They then reported how empowered they felt after and, in the true test, were offered a chocolate bar or a granola bar on the way out the door. Sure enough, 64 percent of the I-don'ts went with the granola bar, while only 39 percent of the I-can'ts took it. It makes sense -- "don't" suggests that the desired item being spoken of is simply never part of the speaker's life; it's something they have actively eliminated themselves, a decision they arrived at personally. In other words, one phrase is empowering, while the other "inherently signifies deprivation.

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When it's your birthday, the cake tends to come to the tune of a discordant, unenthusiastic "Happy Birthday. Sure, there are all sorts of cultural reasons for that stuff, but there's a very neat magic trick these chants are able to pull off: They make whatever you're about to ingest taste better. Mutter "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" three times under your breath while grinning widely and eyeballing the couple at the next table. Stand on your head and loudly scream, "I dedicate this meal to A'grasokh, god of Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe and madness. You already kind of knew this on some level, based on your experience Fuck local sluts in burcombe restaurants.

The steak served to you by a waiter in a tuxedo who offers it on a polished silver platter under soft violin music might be no different from the hunk of meat served in a plastic basket at Billy's Beef Finds local sluts for sex in everthorpe down the street hell, they probably use the same supplierbut there is a ritual to the former that makes that food seem more Kind of like if you see a scruffy guy pull up in a limousine with five bodyguards, you assume he must be a rock star or something. Several different experiments involving food ranging from carrots to chocolate have verified that this is a very real thing, and it changed the taste of the food so much that the test subjects not only enjoyed the food more and savoured it longer, but were actually willing to pay more for it.

In the case of the carrots, the ritual completely non-religious in nature, by the way was even able to increase the subjects' anticipation of eating the next carrot, despite knowing full well that it would clearly be just another carrot. Yes, they managed to make fucking carrots desirable. If that's not magic, we don't know what is. Saying "I'm Excited" Reduces Stress We want to apologize in advance, because this one really does sound like the kind of rah-rah "Think positive! But it turns out they might be kind of right. We all have temporary spells of work bullshit -- maybe you're facing a seemingly impossible deadline, or a spine-crushing triple shift, or a huge test that your whole semester hinges on, and holy shit, it's tomorrow, you could have sworn it's not until next Thursday.

That crap happens to everybody, and your biggest enemy is the panic itself. You're rarely at your best when you're shitting your pants in terror. And here's where your disgustingly positive life coach will make you stop and say you're "excited" about the upcoming challenge, instead of "terrified," as if merely telling that to yourself can actually change your stress level and thus performance during the task. Once you have the positivity thing down, it greatly reduces your stress and makes you perform better at just about everything, from oratory skills to general work performance. You know what doesn't work? Trying to calm yourself down, or telling yourself it's no big deal.

That apparently is the secret -- Brooks' research discovered that the whole "I'm excited" thing works because it doesn't deny the ball of anxiety in your gut is there or try to make it go away. It just tricks your brain into thinking it's a positive. Asian girls are available for escorting as long as the escort babe is of british national. We employ black escorts also and offer a selection of fun ethnic escort women for house calls or home visits. Tall escort divas are some of the ladies we offer along with short lady escorts. Young or mature escorts can be found from schoolgirl looking to old lady escorts. You must consider that calling an escort from an escort agency may seem lik the best option but in actual fact it can be much more expensive than visiting a sauna or massage parlour.

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