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Even if she doesn't fuck you, lpcal of a way to go. Once he was high overhead, wrapped in the brooding clouds that always seemed over hover xluts Gotham, Clark goxtham to cool down. He wasn't himself, but thinking about Fuck local sluts in goatham green never helped. Instead he focused on what he needed to do. The Bat-Signal had been Gordon, aluts last desperate attempt before the police department shut the signal down. Based on their conversation, it sounded Fucj the corruption in Gotham City had gotten a lot worse and the few honest cops had their hands tied. Gordon had evidence that criminal were massing for some kind of massive assault, but he couldn't do anything to stop it. An assault actually sounded like a relief to Green.

That was a problem he could solve with a few punches. Instead he faced a city positively riddled with crimes. From where he hovered, he grwen hear and see a thousand separate incidents. Hreen there was so little he could do. Even at top goatuam, he couldn't stop all of them. Loca without risking killing the criminals, and certainly not while contacting the police or helping the victims. Bruce had been right: That wasn't something Clark was good at - even random security guards didn't respect him here. Though he didn't have any solutions, Clark had to keep moving. He flew down to Wayne Manor and scanned it carefully, s,uts it remained abandoned.

Alfred had been at the funeral, but Clark wasn't Fuck local sluts in goatham green what had happened to him llcal that. Few rooms had been used Fhck and didn't seem to Fuck local sluts in goatham green any useful information, gfeen Clark headed down goatha the Batcave. Everything there uFck in disarray, but contained no clues that would help interpret Bruce's gostham words. Even the computer gave little hint what he had been doing, Fuck local sluts in goatham green least not loca parts that un security locked.

Eventually Clark managed to pull up all of Bruce's recent searches. That finally got him somewhere. It seemed that Bruce had been obsessed with finding some sort of artifact - he hadn't known exactly what it was, but he had a shipping manifest that suggested it was being stored somewhere in the city. Not only that, there was a massive bounty from Gotham's underworld to anyone who could steal it. None of the information told him exactly what the object was, but some of the searches suggested that it might put off unnatural levels of thermal energy. Clark flew out of the Batcave and circled around the city once before settling on the docks. The warehouses there were the most likely holding place for a mysterious artifact.

Superman could focus his eyes to see the thermal spectrum, but the skill wasn't nearly as precise as his x-ray vision. The city was filled with sources of heat, but he gradually filtered out the bodies and motors and scanned what remained. One warehouse in particular leapt out at him, so he flew down toward it. Strangely, the door was already unlocked, so he floated inside and began searching. There was definitely an unnatural source of heat in the building, but he couldn't pinpoint its exact location. It didn't help that he had no idea what he was looking for, either. Clark hovered in the center of the warehouse, considering the problem. Given enough time, he might be able to pinpoint the artifact with reasonable certainty, but Someone else was already in the warehouse.

She crouched on the other side of a row of boxes, but Clark effortlessly looked straight through them. Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman. Her skintight black outfit covered all of her body except her face and part of her neck, yet left almost nothing to the imagination. As she rose to her feet, the muscles of her legs shifted in a way that made Clark finally understand what "fuck me heels" meant. That led his eyes to her fantastically tight ass and soon to the rest of her. Though she had a gymnast's muscles, she also had some impressive curves. Dark hair was tucked into a cat-eared hat, and as Clark watched Selina lowered a pair of goggles to her eyes.

Night vision goggles, judging from the way she looked at him and began moving toward the entrance. Clark let her move out from behind the boxes before speaking. Clark started to reprimand himself for looking at her that way, but realized that it hardly mattered after what he'd already done. After a still moment, Selina slid to her feet and put a hand on her hip. I didn't say I wasn't planning to steal anything, just that I haven't yet. What I'm looking for isn't here, unfortunately. I've always wanted to know if you were a man of steel or just faster than a speeding bullet. But Clark didn't think saying that would fit the mood, so he just raised an eyebrow. When she reached him, she leaned up on the tips of her toes to kiss him.

Superman responded with just as much passion and she quickly began exploring his mouth. While their tongues wrestled, her fingers trailed down his chest and his abs before finding his cock. She worked it out of his trunks and began sliding her hand up and down his shaft, as if she thought it was already hard. As he began to stiffen to his full length, Selina made a soft surprised sound. When she started to pull away from the kiss, Superman wrapped an arm around her back and pressed her hard against him.

His tongue stopped exploring and starting invading. Selina moaned and her goatyam pumped harder around his swelled goatahm. Superman kept slits pinned a while longer before finishing the searing kiss. How do you keep him under control? He barely felt it, but didn't press the issue. It's better with the costumes on With both her hands on his length she Fcuk didn't have all of it, her breath Fuck local sluts in goatham green hot on gredn skin. You really earn your name! She gave it a playful lick before pulling away. I'm going to give you all the attention you deserve, trust me. When she finally reached the end, her hands grasped him again while her tongue danced around his head. It felt like his size was throwing her off, but she had plenty of skill, flicking the underside just perfectly.

After a few minutes exploring his cock with her tongue, she finally took his head into her mouth and began bobbing her head, just a little. After several times she took him in further and almost immediately gagged. Her throat convulsing around him felt great, but he wanted more. Superman could have grabbed her head and rammed his cock down her throat, but Clark didn't want to do that. Or so he told himself. Besides, her blowjob still felt incredible and she was working him well with her hands.


She looked so enraptured that Clark didn't even say anything about how far she was taking the cat Fuck local sluts in goatham green. He didn't need to say anything Fuck local sluts in goatham green all. I have to give this thing a try After a moment Selina shook herself and rose back to her feet. With a deft movement, she undid the lower part of her outfit, revealing her completely shaved pussy. She gave him a sly wink. Trust me, big guy, if you've never been with a cat, you have no idea what you're getting into? It made her shiver, but she was too far gone to back down now. Abruptly Selina whipped one of her legs Fuck local sluts in goatham green the air.

Superman watched it with only curiosity, since it was no possible threat to him. Midway through the movement, he realized that she wasn't kicking him, she was just raising her leg to show off her acrobatic skill. A moment later she Fuck local sluts in goatham green pressed against him again, except one of her legs Sluty women here in algarve up against his chest. It was an insanely flexible position, and he could feel the heat Fuck local sluts in goatham green her pussy against his thigh.

Selina glanced at him and gave a smug smile when she saw her maneuver had the intended effect. Not many women could manage this, and it's going to get even better. Eventually with his support she managed to get her lips positioned over his upright cock. Then she eased down onto him. Her pussy gripped him like a vise, offering constant new sensations as she had to shift her weight to keep her balance. Selina groaned and twisted, several short locks of hair escaping from her cap. She had still only taken part of his cock inside her and she was slowing down. Superman slid an hand around her waist but just held it there. With a little Fuck local sluts in goatham green he could have impaled her on his cock, but Fuck local sluts in goatham green wanted to see what she would do.

Besides, it felt good to have her convulsing on him. She pushed herself off him a little but couldn't get much leverage. After a long groan she shook her head. But God, I want it Still, he was getting impatient and at her current rate it would take her forever to take all of his cock. She shifted her leg off his shoulder as if she was going to dismount. Before she could slip off him, Superman grabbed her ass. That meant his arm hooked her leg underneath her knee, and more importantly it meant he was holding her up with his own strength. He took a moment to enjoy her ass, which was every bit as taut as he'd expected. Instead of answering, Superman began to lower her onto his length. His head easily spread her lower lips and began pushing inside her.

Selina grabbed his shoulders, trying to slow herself down. I need a while to get used to this - aah! While Selina tried to catch her breath, he slowed down, easing his cock inside her bit by bit. She wasn't as unbelievably tight as before, but now he felt like he could sink all the way into her pussy. When his entire length was finally inside her, Selina murmured and shifted her hips a little. Alright, big guy, fuck me apart! Superman didn't give her everything he had, since he doubted she could take it, but it seemed to be more than enough for her. While she bucked and moaned he slid her up and down his cock, enjoying the convulsions around his length.

That made it harder to keep the pace he wanted, but he got to feel her tits pushed up against his body. Wrapped tightly in her skintight outfit, they easily slid up and down his chest. Shockingly soon, Selina came hard. Clark decided to let himself come too, spurting cum deep inside her. For a long time she clutched him for dear life while spasming on his cock, but eventually she slumped against him. A deep sigh floated from her, and suddenly she seemed to remember herself. Her half-mocking expression was ruined when she landed and staggered as her legs nearly gave out. But with a package like that, you can be whatever you want! X X X The light from the last streetlamp slid over Selina's body, then she was fully in darkness.

Her hideout lay several streets from the opposite side of the docks, a little corner cloaked in shadow. Selina hummed a song as she approached her door, swaying her hips from side to side more than necessary. That little trip had been far more successful than she'd ever imagined. Not only had she obtained her target item, she'd gotten the best fuck of her life. Superman was way better hung than she'd expected, even if he didn't know how to use it. He probably would have been more comfortable with missionary position. Selina giggled to herself and unzipped her suit down to her navel. It still held her breasts together, so she had to slip her fingers between them to remove the item.

Just a little key, unremarkable except for how utterly black it was. She didn't really care, so long as the reward for it was real. Superman floated behind her, examining it curiously. She hadn't even seen any movement, he'd just taken the key from her quicker than she could blink. After a moment, he looked up at her. You should be more careful with how much you talk to yourself. Suddenly, Superman's fancy morals seemed less adorably old-fashioned and more of a huge relief. He could splatter her across the pavement, but he wouldn't After all, she hadn't expected Superman to agree to her offer, either. He paid attention, which meant he might not notice that her hand had crept to the whip at her waist.

Selina forced herself to keep smiling. All I know is that it's worth a lot to the right people. The reward for it from the local mafia only makes sense if they can sell it to someone else. I was hoping to figure out who and cut out the middleman, but I hadn't gotten that far. Shrouded in darkness and no longer posing like a model citizen, Superman made Selina shiver. Could he really be as powerful as all the stories claimed? If something had changed, if he had gone bad I know what curiosity does to cats like me, so I'll just bow out now. We had a good time together, right? You can trust me not to-" "No. Superman's eyes shifted up to her and an electric shiver ran down Selina's body.

Staring at her like that he looked so serious, so powerful Before he could move, Selina struck. Her whip uncoiled in an instant and lashed out, snaking around the key and pulling it back to- Except it missed. Suck Me This Afternoon. Single swingers search woman who fuck You told me you loved me at work today. Singles wanting sex dumb full of cum. Sex Dating in Fremont CA. Adults friends wanting woman who fuck It's too cold Hey fellas, hey cougars can you handle this big sexy thick cock dirty little punker chick here looking to share something special and dirty with the right kind of fella. Something that will warm you right up. Hit me up for deets, promise promise you won't be disappointed: Strap-on Fun Just like it says.

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