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The documentary follows the Datin Police Department over the Katrina jade house of whore of one trying year filled with budget cuts, local and presidential elections, and, of llennon, a water Casual sex dating in lennon mi 48449. Initially, I had my reservations about watching Flint Town. We Flint Casual sex dating in lennon mi 48449 tend to be protective of our hometown — our issues are ours to discuss — and Casyal I was leery about how the producers would portray life in our city. Having finally finished all eight episodes, I have mixed emotions about it.

One thing that was so powerful about Flint Town was the way it seized the opportunity to allow the great citizens of Flint to lead the dialogue on the complexities of our current racial and political climate in datig U. It offered a raw view into the humanity and vulnerabilities of both police officers and the residents of the communities in which they serve. We need more community building and support for the positive things that Flint natives are creating. Tensions across the country are high as people of color, specifically black people, feel as though over-policing and police brutality in their communities is an imminent threat to their well-being.

The police argue their actions are a result of the fear they have for their own safety. America is long overdue for a transformative conversation on the tough topics. We have to acknowledge that the justice system as an entire entity, has not always read: Instead, the recurring theme we see in the media is different outlets all fanning the same flames of racial tension for views and ratings. We need to hold our educators, lawmakers, and other civil servants accountable for the services they are paid to provide. For once, it was nice to see someone making an attempt to get at the humanity of both sides of this conflict.

Change starts with us. For all of the great dialogue the series gave us about healing the disconnect between the police and the policed, as I dove into the series I was utterly shocked at the myths the series either perpetuates or just allows to skate by unaddressed. Here are the myths in Flint Town that you may have missed: In recent years, this has become an unprecedented trend in our society.

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