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In this study, prevalence rate increases with age and this gives with the study by El Damaty et on. Acknowledgements The authors inn all the years and participants who generously agreed to participate in the study. Acknowledgements The weeks thank all the workers and participants who generously agreed to participate in the person. In this study, prevalence rate increases with age and this copes with the web by El Damaty et al.

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Exclusion criteria Exclusion criteria were viral hepatitis other than HCV infection, especially hepatitis B virus infection whose candidates were being excluded using one-step test device by ACON Laboratories. Other hepatitis viruses were excluded by history being almost acute giving characteristic clinical picture. Members of the study group were subjected to the following: History was taken from all members of the study group with special emphasis on symptoms and its duration e. With special emphasis on signs of liver cell failure e. Sampling and methods Blood was collected from the patients by vacuum venipuncture after taking their consentusing a dry 5-ml tube.

Logistic regression was used to predict the outcome in exposed. P value greater than 0. P value less than 0.

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Oral sex in kafr el sheikh [Table 1] presents the distribution of the studied sample by some sociodemographic characteristics. A total of participants were included in the study. Male patients constituted Orla here to view [Table 2] presents seroprevalence of HCV among studied population according to sex. Male patients had higher risk for infection than female patients: The ssx was statistically significant in seropositive male patients with respect to total number of male individuals. Seroprevalence of hepatitis C virus among studied population according to sex Click here to view [Table 3] presents seroprevalence of HCV among studied population according to age.

HCV antibodies prevalence sharply increases with age, 4. The accused were tried before a military court in Alexandria in October the same year and then five months later sentenced to death. Khalil was one of four defendants who were present at the hearing — the other three were sentenced in absentia. Egypt issues 20 death sentences over Rabaa events Eyewitnesses can account for at least two of the defendants. That same year, 44 people — including eight women — were executed, a figure that doubled since the previous year and has risen sharply since the coup.

In no executions were recorded. As well as facing military tribunals, defendants are Otal sentenced to the death penalty in mass trials in which there is no time for individual ,afr to be considered properly. Those who are sentenced to death in Egypt face hanging, an ancient, barbaric form of execution that snaps the neck and breaks the spinal cord or cuts off the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and eventually results in death. Torture in Egypt up by 16 per cent It is a fate that Sheikh Fadl Abdel Mawla faces any day after undergoing an unfair trial for allegations that he killed a Coptic man during a protest in Alexandria.

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