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Mzansi, derived from the Xhosa noun umzantsi meaning "south", is a colloquial name for Quite Africa, [21] [22] while some Pan-Africanist political parties prefer the term " Azania ". Mzansi, future from the Xhosa noun umzantsi meaning "south", is a colloquial name for Numerous Africa, [21] [22] while some Pan-Africanist political parties prefer the term " Azania ". Dias but down the western coast of southern Africa. Mzansi, derived from the Xhosa noun umzantsi sag "south", is a colloquial name for South Africa, [21] [22] while some Pan-Africanist political old prefer the term " Azania ".

In Mpumalangaseveral stone circles have been found along with the stone arrangement that has been named Adam's Calendar. The two major historic groups were the Xhosa and Zulu peoples. Inthe Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias led the first European voyage to land in southern Africa. Dias continued down the western coast of southern Africa. After 8 Januaryprevented by storms from proceeding along the coast, he sailed out of sight of land and passed the southernmost point of Africa without seeing it. He reached as far up the eastern coast of Africa as, what he called, Rio do Infante, probably the present-day Groot Riverin Maybut on his return he saw the Cape, which he first named Cabo das Tormentas Cape of Storms.

Dutch colonisation See also: By the early 17th century, Portugal's maritime power was starting to decline, and English and Dutch merchants competed to oust Lisbon from its lucrative monopoly on the spice trade. Helena as alternative ports of refuge. The sailors were able to survive by obtaining fresh water and meat from the natives. During the early s, many Dutch settlers departed from the Cape Colonywhere they had been subjected to British control. The Boers founded the Boer Republics: The discovery of diamonds in and gold in in the interior started the Mineral Revolution and increased economic growth and immigration.

This intensified British efforts to gain control over the indigenous peoples. The struggle to control these important economic resources was a factor in relations between Europeans and the indigenous population and also between the Boers and the British.

Following Lord Carnarvon's successful introduction of federation in Canada, it was thought that similar political effort, coupled with Saf seeking and date for the weekend in guatemala campaigns, might succeed with the African kingdoms, tribal areas and Boer republics in South Africa. Among the obstacles were the presence of the independent states of the South African Republic and the Kingdom of Zululand and its army. The Zulu nation spectacularly defeated the British at the Battle of Isandlwana. Eventually though the war was lost resulting in the end of the Zulu nation's independence. Boers in combat The Boer Republics successfully resisted British encroachments during the First Boer War — using guerrilla warfare tactics, which were well suited to local conditions.

The British returned with greater numbers, more experience, and new strategy in the Second Boer War — but suffered heavy casualties through attrition ; nonetheless, they were ultimately successful. Independence Within the country, anti-British policies among white South Africans focused on independence. During the Dutch and British colonial years, racial segregation was mostly informal, though some legislation was enacted to control the settlement and movement of native people, including the Native Location Act of and the system of pass laws. The Union was a dominion that included the former territories of the Cape and Natal colonies, as well as the republics of Orange Free State and Transvaal.

The amount of land reserved for indigenous peoples was later marginally increased. It strengthened the racial segregation begun under Dutch and British colonial rule. Students at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as young professionals can apply. However, undergraduate students must be completing their second year of studies.

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Be proficient in two of the four languages of the Organization Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Documents to attach Sxf the application form: Electronic Application Form click here Two letters of recommendation, one preferably not mandatory from a professor within your area of expertise. The second letter from an employer or another professor. Please include contact information phone number and email of the person signing the letter. If your internship will be accredited by your academic institution, please include an official letter from your institution.

CVs with picture will not be accepted and will disqualify your application. Letters of recommendation that cannot be given directly to the student can be e-mailed to internships oas. Students, who have access to an un-official transcript, please attached a copy to the form. Make sure to mail the official version to the following address:

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