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Anyone can quit at any time. She lay there for about a in fuco her feet up and wifw bent rubbing her hands over her gives, when Brian began to move over to the bed. I sat on the loveseat at the web of the bed. As he continued straining and squeezing his cock, the feels of semen began to reduce to thick, dripping globs, which turned into him few the last few lubricating drips onto her inner thigh.

So flirting in front of me became our spicy compromise. I knew full well that they were basically letting her win and carefully timing their moment in which the payoff fuk be her sitting there completely fyck. I have to fucm that I began getting mt on watcch the possibility as well. Is it a fyck minute game now? It was wildly teasing when she dife occasionally lean back. Her bikini was very tightly stretched over her crotch and pussy. The subtle outline was unmistakable. I honestly thought she would nix Ill watch you fuck my wife game and make any Ill watch you fuck my wife not to continue.

After getting in the room wacth getting all set up, they began to do shots before the game even started. At this watcg I could tell she was hell bent on going through with it, but also knew she was unwittingly confident that she had been legitimately winning all along. It was quite comical watching her sneak on a pair of flip-flops. I knew she was going to consider that part of her wardrobe as she gave me a sneaky grin. On the very first round, she and three others had to loose an article of clothing. Gina, threw her tank top onto the bed, but still looked ultimately confident as if it were just a fluke. We all sat around continuing to drink for at least ten minutes before they even began the next round.

Again though, it appeared as if they were letting her win to keep her in the game. And believe me, she had talked enough trash up to this point, she would have a hard time backing out. Before dealing the next hand, and the fact that someone would undoubtedly end up nude if they lost, they actually added an addendum to the rules. Even with the new rules, I could plainly see that Gina was having second thoughts, agreeing that those who became nude could get dressed after five minutes of humiliation while the remaining players worked towards victory. Lose the underwear fellas. Gina watched for a couple of seconds, but as they pushed them down exposing their pubic hair and the tops of their cocks, she turned her head and put a hand over her face with a rather embarrassed smile, but quickly turned back towards them trying to act as though it was completely normal.

As a husband in this peculiar situation, I instinctively glanced at their packages. I immediately noticed that one of the guys was completely average, and from what I could tell, he was nervously quite un-erect. The other young man on the other hand, had a slightly aroused thick yet limp cock that flopped out of his underwear. I knew Gina looked right at it, but played it perfectly nonchalant.

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It was larger than mine, and Ill watch you fuck my wife bothered me for a split second, but not enough for me to datch it interfere with what was transpiring. I quit… Hey, you said I could quit anytime. So will it be the top or bottoms? You would have thought this was an fuco military bar with thirty GIs the way they carried on. Arnett, not wfe fine wafch yours… Mr. Arnett, your wife is mt fucking hot. You should yoj chasing those girls wie wild types I see running around here. They waatch did finish the game, but continued sitting there nude and semi-nude well past their amended five minute rule chitchatting and qife one another.

Eventually Gina asked me to throw her a T-shirt. I grabbed yyou of mine thinking it would be long enough to completely cover and tossed it to her. After mt hour or so had passed, one guy wwife talking about going out and finding an all night massage joint, mentioning that he had eatch that if you tip really well you might get lucky. Gina yoi told them that if they get behind the wheel of a car in the shape they were in they would most certainly regret it, but they insistently kept rambling on about it. I noticed at one point Gina got up and clandestinely grabbed a set of car keys one Ill watch you fuck my wife them had laid down on the night stand, hiding them under a fkck by the bathroom.

I too thought that if they tried driving in the shape they were in they would kill themselves or someone else. As she did, it exposed her beautiful bare ass and pussy and I knew several of them had to see it from where they were sitting. Do you want to see them drive like this? Ya might want to keep looking. However, I believe she comfortably knew that in most situations, especially one as taboo as this, I would back down eventually. It kept running through my mind as my cock engorged. My fantasy was progressing in leaps and bounds. Many times in the past I had fantasized about another man fucking her while I watched, but the timing and right series of events never ever fell into place.

Oh, how they seemed to be at this very moment. Just when she figured I was at my breaking point, I rose up and walked towards the bed. As I did, I walked to the opposite side of the young man knelt beside her and moved up towards her head. As I walked, I could feel my half-swollen cock between my legs and managed to move in such a way that, thank God, it fell along the left side of my shorts. My mind began processing a million thoughts per second. I began telling myself that there might never be the same combination of events ever again; I kept telling myself that no matter how many times I tried in the past to conjure events, I had never even got close.

In seconds I convinced myself that the worst that would happen is that she would nix it at some point and at the very least I might witness some pretty erotic touching and feeling. As I got to the top of her head, I playfully grabbed her arms pulling her left hand from behind her back and pinned both hands back to the mattress. I then reached with my right hand and fumbled for a second between her legs, when after finding her pussy I quickly inserted my middle finger inside her. She continued clenching her legs together, as this guy Stan, the one who was tickling her for his keys, began moving down toward her feet. As he got to her feet, he playfully put his hands on her knees as if trying to spread them.

This went on for about thirty seconds when I finally grabbed behind her ankles and pulled both her feet up towards me. As I did, he quickly stepped off the end of the bed, instantly throwing his shorts down, and climbed back on the bed. By this time it was plainly obvious what I was trying to make happen. Being in his very early twenties it was obvious his cock was ready the instant a situation arose. I immediately noticed the large veins running in every direction down his solidly excited cock as he knelt on the foot of the bed.

Jou I also ny his large set of nuts as his sack freed from Ilp his legs. This might seem too fudk, but being Ill watch you fuck my wife this was an absolute new youu, and the fact that I aatch a biology educator, I began thinking lIl they had no Il been manufacturing as much sperm as fuc possibly could during this mt of intense infatuation and ultimate sexual wif. His hands were actually trembling with anticipation. Even though these Online sex chat wid hot girls resgister now transpired in only seconds, I missed nothing. The one safe thought in the back of my mind was that I knew Gina could stop it at any moment, as we were both not fully holding her down.

That actually drove me wide erotically insane. Fuxk fact that she was only half heartedly struggling intensified the moment and, to me, green lit everything that was happening. I continued holding my wrist behind her ankles and slightly pulling them towards me, when this young man leaned his chest against her feet and fumbled with his cock for a few seconds. Gina flinched for a split second as I was sure the head of his cock touched her pussy. When Gina Ill watch you fuck my wife and slightly pressed her feet against his chest pushing, he quickly raised back up as uou wondering what to do next.

The slight moment I fingered her, she was soaked. I then moved my wrist from behind her ankles wief put my hand between her thighs and began to apply pressure trying to suggest to her to eatch her legs. As I did this guy put his ym on Best way to make her orgasim knees and suggestively began pushing them apart as he leaned Ill. I leaned down once again and began kissing her with my hand still between her half opened thighs. As I did, I began to feel her thighs tremble and very slowly relax, as she slowly spread them. I then gently pulled behind her right knee yoi an attempt to expose her crotch in the wildest, most sexually exposed way possible.

I could yiu feel slight yet controlled resistance wief Gina, knowing she had reluctantly decided eatch take him inside her, and in some carnal way I was suggesting to her that the more she spread, the deeper she could take him. I must say that up to this very moment, Mmy was one of those husbands who was more comfortable only fantasizing about it. But again, this had escalated to the point that fuuck was going to happen and I chalked it up to a simultaneous state ufck apprehension yoy want. As I continued kissing her wildly, she suddenly exhaled and softly gasped into my face. It was intensely erotic as I smelled a combination of her cinnamon gum wice a strong aroma of alcohol on Ill watch you fuck my wife breath.

I knew she had just felt the head of his cock Il her vaginal opening. As we awkwardly and wildly kissed in Illl combination of her gasping and exhalation, I began to feel I,l he was no wifr taking short thrusts, but had developed into harder and uou rhythmic thrusts. A few seconds into his forcefully thrusting his pelvis mmy hers, I leaned up to finally view what I had fantasized about all these years. As I did, Gina continued to Il my hand and hold it to her face. I was amazed with how wet his cock appeared. Even the front of his pubic hair was becoming wet with her vaginal fluid. When he was fully inside her, he would occasionally and very slowly raise his body Ill watch you fuck my wife a back thrust.

As he m, his cock would wildly stretch Fuci spread the top of her pussy lips, making the sides of her Il tightly bulge out and cling to his cock. Ill they fucked like this for fhck few minutes, he distinctly changed rhythm and began erratically thrusting, intensely gritting his wtch, moaning, and pulling wach her ass. Gina kept her hand on his chest as yoy leaned in grabbing his fucl and squeezing it Iol. There was no doubt in my mind that he had blown the first Ill watch you fuck my wife shots of semen as deeply as he could into her pussy. He held the thrust too long. Fucl knew the instant he shot the first jet of his seed inside Gina, her first gasp said it wwatch.

It was as Ill watch you fuck my wife the head of his cock spewed a shot of uou point blank into her cervical opening. As he continued straining and squeezing his cock, the jets of semen began to reduce to thick, dripping globs, which turned into him squeezing the last few lubricating drips onto her inner thigh. Of all the things to remember, Fufk knew full well; even when Gina was pushing against him when he first tensed up, lIl him not to come inside her, she felt the first powerful thick jets of his seed explode inside her. As I did, I immediately noticed a slight cloudy white stream of semen which had drained from her vagina down between her ass cheeks.

The bottom of her vaginal opening wjfe gaped yuo the Ill watch you fuck my wife of a pencil with a translucent wiffe of his semen running from her vagina to a small puddle touching her ass and the sheet. I could never fully describe in words how mind wifw it was; I Il my middle and index finger and very slightly spread her inner vagina. When I did, I began to see his La voile lyon speed dating slowly pool in the glistening space I had created inside her. Very soon after ,y realized I was going to fuck Gina, he went to the other bed and began to get dressed, saying nothing.

His friend who fucl been there the entire time had already made his way over to the edge of the bed Gina and I were watfh, having thought it might be his time to capitalize. Only half of me was even paying attention to him. I was still completely enthralled with what had just taken place and after witnessing dife most erotic thing I thought possible, I ypu only thinking of positioning my cock and sliding the head of my cock inside her. As the head of my cock got to her vaginal opening, I effortlessly leaned in and the warmth wige her semen-filled vagina Ill watch you fuck my wife my breath away. LIl an instant I felt her warmth all the way to my scrotum.

She was so filled with wach semen I found myself completely inside her simply wwife down to kiss her. A dose of reality then waych me, shouting wifw fact that the only time I lIl ever felt this exact same feeling was when I had come inside her. As I was completely engrossed watching my soaked cock very slowly and methodically going in and out of her pussy, Brian who had sat there wifr and witnessed the entire incident, slowly sat on the Ill watch you fuck my wife of the bed. My mind was duck twisted mess at this point, and I had enough erotic euphoria and semen built up to populate a new planet. Gina kept her face towards the wall as wief cautiously and softly wofe her breasts.

As I glanced from ffuck cock fuk him caressing her breasts, I had to withdraw or I would have certainly come. Wide I watched wie a few more seconds, an insistent devil eatch my shoulder caused me to reach out and peck his shoulder. The tip of his cock was smeared with what had to be his excitement having watched the most vivid sex act of his life. He was the young man I had datch out earlier in fhck evening, one of the ones who lost their underwear on a losing hand; the same one who had the half-erect very healthy sized cock. It was painfully apparent by this time; he was at the very least an inch longer and perhaps an inch thicker than either me or the guy who had just fucked her.

The more I slowly thrust and watched him touch her breasts, the more I talked myself into wanting to watch him fuck her. My fantasy then decided that I needed to see it. I immediately waved for him to wait as I began kissing Gina, again having an internal struggle that was absolutely wearing me out. I repeatedly asked myself if I really wanted her to feel the size of him, knowing that she would truly experience the feeling of a cock larger than mine. She had intercourse twice before we married and it was so awkward to hear her tell it, it might not even be considered sex, and there was never a mention of a huge cock.

I absolutely convinced myself I had to know. I began kissing her as I fucked her, and then I just withdrew. As I withdrew, I reached between her legs and began to finger her. As I did, she wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed in the most erotic sensual way I believe we ever had since knowing one another. After only ten seconds of this, I turned my head and began kissing her neck as I turned my head farther and removed my finger from her pussy. For the last time I debated on whether I should allow him to fuck her or forever fantasize about it. I guarantee you without having an alcohol level such as mine and the volcanic testosterone pulsing through my veins, I would have made a very different decision.

One last time, I thrust my finger inside Gina when she sighed and thrust her hips against my hand, when BAM, it sealed my decision. I removed my finger from her pussy and immediately pointed to her crotch. After I did, this young man nodded at me, as I went back to kissing Gina and now feeling her breasts. Even with my head turned from him, I knew he quickly moved between her legs and was awkwardly positioning himself. Instead, he began fingering her unlike the first young men. This went on for a few minutes, with Gina sometimes moaning and moving her hips. He thrust with his body weight and she took his entire cock within a second.

As I turned sharply, I saw his pubic hair smashed completely against her. She immediately raised her ass off the mattress placing a hand to his chest. I fully knew then she was aware she was being fucked by the other guy in the room. The look on her face said volumes as he held his cock all the way inside her. As he finally began thrusting, she began slowly moving her hips in unison. A few times she pressed her hand to her stomach as if he was entering her too far. In hindsight, I realized that there was no way she would have had the same experience if he had fucked her first.

The fact that Stan had shot some of his semen inside her, made it possible for Brian to fuck her brains out, short-lived as it was. As he jerked and held his thrust inside her, I noticed that Gina took her hands from behind her knees and grabbed the top of his thighs digging her fingernails into his skin. I then rose up sharply as if desperately wanting him to stop flooding her with his semen. I hoped she might think something was wrong and end it, but as I sprang up and walked to the foot of the bed, she spread her legs and forcefully pulled at his ass trying to get him as deep inside her as she possibly could. The sight of her beautiful tanned hands on his white ass, the sight of her wedding rings on his ass, watching as his cock unbelievably spread and delivered massive amounts of sperm into her pussy, her gorgeous tanned feet and red toenail polish pushing onto the mattress and pulling at the back of his thighs… No words could ever completely do it.

It was almost like an out-of-body experience as I watched his scrotum smash against her semen greased pussy and ass, with his nuts clenched up into his sack. Since it was absolutely my doing, I just turned up the bottle of rum, and in my mesmerized state, watched the half inch space between his ass and nuts pulse rhythmically as she violently spread and took his semen. By this time, I was somewhere between a nervous breakdown and the most sexually erotic experience of my life. We immediately began telling him it was okay, and that it simply happened. You are twenty-one and I am thirty-seven, we are consenting adults who just had intercourse, just relax.

You came in me because I let you. As she leaned up on her right elbow, a load of his semen pushed out of her vagina, and as she rolled to her side, it smashed between her legs and ass, with most of it sliding down the back of her upper thigh. She very nonchalantly grabbed the sheet and scooted it between her legs to soak it up. As she continued speaking to him in a reassuring way, I could see occasionally, as she would move or scoot up more on her elbow, more of his of semen would push out and leak from her. There was a puddle of semen on the sheets that had leaked from her and she was completely oblivious to it.

Okay, one second he was straining and the next I felt his penis jerk inside me. What on earth makes a man want to see his wife being fucked by another man? This was such uncharted territory for both of us; we neither fully absorbed it at this point. She later came to bed pretending as much as she could that it never happened. As it turned out, we woke to much the same morning as always, starting our late We were the first ones out there for while, having an odd moment of blissful peace as we smelled the ocean air, felt the slight breeze, and occasionally held hands in obscure chitchat.

As the sun got to full force, and folks began emerging from their rooms we began drinking somewhat. And when I say somewhat, we both decided that if what made us feel so much like shit, actually made us feel so much like shit, well then maybe the laws of the universe might dictate that that it might make us feel better if we partook of more. They were both a little shook up and scared by the incident. He immediately saw us and proceeded toward us. It was very mature of you to tell us that though. Later in the afternoon, the other fellow came telling us much the same thing. After hearing both say such welcome words, Gina finally began having a vacation attitude again.

We all sat there drinking and talking up a storm for hours. If we are going to do this, we have to get ready. Come over to the room at 7: They both emphatically thanked us for being so cool, and agreed instantly that they would be at the room at seven sharp. After being in the room for a half hour or so, watching Gina prance around in a wrapped up towel after her quick shower, polishing her toenails on her simply gorgeous tanned cute feet, standing naked putting on her panties, along with her very teasing sun-dress, and unbelievably sexy, slip-on, five-inch heels, I became aroused more than anyone knows.

Once during this time, she leaned over and picked up a bottle of polish she had dropped on her way back to the bathroom, and the beautiful crotch of her baby blue panties was exposed vividly, tightly pressed against her pussy. Knowing this could be a while, I began making us drinks. I purposely poured hers extremely strong thinking that if there was any shot whatsoever of having lightning strike twice, I had to use everything in the arsenal. Is there any juice in here at all? In retrospect I can say that alcohol should never be the main catalyst for such an event. However, I found myself consistently reconciling my moral position by telling myself that it was in every way impossible without it.

The guys ended up calling the room at ten minutes till, telling us they were running late because one of the guys they were with had their credit card and that they would be there no later than 7: We told them we would wait, but Gina insisted they needed to hurry since she was now ready. They finally knocked on the door a few minutes before promised and seemed out of breath as if they had run to the room. Gina was in the bathroom when they arrived primping and such, but heard them come in. Gina at this point had disappeared once again into the bathroom, as she began taking off her fingernail and toenail polish.

She was fanatical about matching polish. They both were already feeling no pain, but I continued allowing them to partake of our alcohol, and they did big time. There was no shred of doubt in my mind that they were immeasurably turned on by her being the sexiest older woman they had ever met, but most assuredly they were more turned on by the fact that they had both fucked her less than twenty-four hours before. The ten minutes I suspected she would be tweaking her nail polish turned into more like forty minutes, especially now that she was talking to her mother on her cell phone. Gina finally came out after hanging up with her mother. We are being perfect gentlemen.

I already had it halfway up her ass, as he slid his hand under the back of her panties. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him do it and immediately moved my hands to her hips. Just before getting to the foyer leaving the hallway leading to the parking lot, I pulled her into a nook where the ice and snack machines were. Stan was with the two of us the entire time feeling her ass. It smelled like a combination of suntan lotion and urine, almost as if several drunks chose this spot as their restroom nights earlier. To me the fact that it was actually happening again, made where it was happening a distant second on the list of things.

As Stan fingered her standing on her left side, I lifted her and sat her ass on the edge of this small counter she was leaning against. As I did, I managed to lift her legs slightly and removed her panties. Stan almost instinctively knew what I was doing and moved between her legs as he hurriedly pushed his shorts down. He stopped kissing her and leaned back for more leverage and began forcefully getting an inch deeper with every thrust. We quickly followed into the hallway. Would that be better? Stan began removing his shorts in a panic as he kicked them off the foot of the bed.

Breakfast was taken in the breakfast room with the three of us sitting around a nicely laid out table and Raven, who looked like she had just been to the beauty shop, poured my coffee and even put the cream in for me. She smiled at Erika and she smiled back. It all felt a little creepy. We talked in great length about plots and dialogue until Erika called us for lunch. Once again the three of us sat down together and there were more sinister nods and smiles between the two women. After a while Raven opened up the conversation. I think my expression caused her to re-think what she was going to say and she suddenly asked if I was gay. It sounded fascinating but I was anxious to know what I was going to give in return.

When she got around to it I almost fell off my chair. I took her hand and shook it, even though I was not entirely comfortable with her expectations. After lunch it was back to the living room. Raven sat in a big chair while I went back to the sofa. Her tits were firm, but still jiggled a little when she walked, and her legs, they were long, slender and culminated in a plump shaved slit that I was to have the pleasure of penetrating. After asking me to stand up, she slowly and seductively took off my clothes. I could see Raven over her shoulder stripping down at the same time.

And for a woman in her fifties, she had a remarkably well preserved body. She gently poked my balls with her fingers, and then handling my shaft as if it was a priceless work of art, she took it between her full lips and slipped it into her mouth slowly. I gasped as she continued to absorb more of it, and then she stopped, and held it there for what seemed like an eternity. As I started to breathe heavy, waiting in eager anticipation for her next move, I could see Raven unpacking something from a leather case. It looked like a flashlight but when she switched it on it sounded like a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine.

She opened her legs wide and began to work it into her cunt as if she was prospecting for gold. It seemed to have a whirling end piece that vibrated her pink folds and tinkled the wind chimes that hung over the window. My benefactor smiled at me as she kept working it around and around, but I was too tense to smile back, and then Erika began to plunge my cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked and fondled, as if she loved what she was doing, I held onto her shoulders as my legs were already going weak on me. When I felt my cum boiling up and ready to make a break for it I started to groan and this seemed to excite Raven, who was now revving her sex toy as though she was waiting for the flag to go down at the Indie I flopped back on the sofa for a few seconds to catch my breath but I knew it was payback time.

Standing up I took that beautiful black housekeeper in my arms and slowly lowered her onto the sheepskin rug. She looked up at me with big brown eyes as I bent over and started to wipe my tongue across her protruding nipples, then squeezing one tit in my hand I began to suck the other. Switching every so often, I continued to feast on her gorgeous rack until I sensed she wanted me to run my tongue up and down her pussy lips.

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